Our Members


  • I.E.Canada members employ over 1.6 million people, representing almost 10% of the Canadian labour force, and generated $270 billion in revenue in 2010, resulting in approximately $40.5 billion a year in federal taxes, not including import duties.
  • nearly half of I.E.Canada members record sales over $25 million

Over 60% of I.E.Canada members are importers and/or exporters and include:

  • 88% of Canada’s top high-tech manufacturers, 67% of Canada’s top vehicle and parts manufacturers, 80% of Canada’s top 5 merchandisers, 70% of Canada’s top forestry and paper companies, and Canada’s top 2 chemical companies, and top 2 agricultural companies
  • the big 4 accounting firms, 4 of Canada’s largest banks, 9 of Canada’s top 10 law firms.
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