NAFTA Negotiations: Rules of Origin

NAFTA negotiations have Rules of Origin on our members’ minds.  This short video outlines the risk of making Rules of Origin tougher.

Do You Import Through the Port of Vancouver? You Need to Watch This!

PODCAST: Member Consultation: Port of Vancouver New Container Examination Facility Consultation

Major Changes to 2017 Customs Tariff Schedule Published in Canada Gazette: Are Your Imports Impacted?

On October 5, 2017, the Ministry of Finance released a very long and substantive order amending the 2017 Customs Tariff in Part 2 of the Canada Gazette (SOR/2016-253 September 23, 2016). We strongly advise you to review this… Read More

Competitiveness: It’s Not An Option

In today’s global marketplace, every company is focused on the bottom line and on being highly efficient and effective, including when it comes to customs and trade matters. At the same time, a new environment for trade is… Read More

BIG NEWS: CSA and PIP Importers Gain Access to FAST Lanes!!

It is not very often that Canadian importers wake up to find out that there has been a breakthrough in Canadian government policy relative to border operations that importers have been requesting for many years. But on May… Read More

Low Canadian Dollar Is a Tax Windfall for the Canadian Government

In my role with I.E.Canada, I am often asked what my thoughts are on the state of the Canadian dollar versus other international currencies. When our Canadian dollar was above par, I was asked what the impact of… Read More

Canadian Importers Travel “Back to the Future”

Canadian Importers Travel “Back to the Future” and Gain Fair, Transparent and Free Trade If you are a fan of the movie trilogy “Back to the Future” you know that the dates October 25th, 26th and 27th, 2015… Read More

The Supply Chain Echo ®

Canada has many strengths that increase our competitiveness as a nation. We are politically and economically stable, we have an educated workforce and high standard of living, and we are an attractive source for business and trade investment…. Read More

Book Review of The Canadian Century: Moving Out of America’s Shadow

The Canadian Century: Moving Out of America’s Shadow, by Brian Lee Crowley, Jason Clemens, Niels Veldhuis The Canadian Century: Moving Out of America’s Shadow is a book that I think people who work in the area of international… Read More

Book Review Tragedy in the Commons

Tragedy in the Commons: Former Members of Parliament Speak Out about Canada’s Failing Democracy by Allison Loat and Michael MacMillan The authors of this book set out to understand why the rest of the world views Canada as… Read More