Major Changes to 2017 Customs Tariff Schedule Published in Canada Gazette: Are Your Imports Impacted?

On October 5, 2017, the Ministry of Finance released a very long and substantive order amending the 2017 Customs Tariff in Part 2 of the Canada Gazette (SOR/2016-253 September 23, 2016).

We strongly advise you to review this Order to verify whether your imports are impacted.

The Order involves no changes to tariff policy and the amendments are tariff rate neutral; however, the changes are many and could impact importers with customs rulings from CBSA. Importers who are impacted by these changes will also have to start the process of updating tariff databases and contacting the relevant customs brokers to ensure changes are made to your corporate tariff classification profiles. The changes come into effect on January 1, 2017.

The Order is broken down into 7 Parts:

Part 1:
Covers an amendment of the subchapter title XXI to Chapter 29 of Section VI of the Tariff.

Part 2:
Repeals hundreds tariff subheadings and tariff classification numbers impacting 21 Chapters and 52 different tariff headings from the Harmonized System.

Part 3:
Outlines 102 changes to the list of tariff provisions, including but not limited to changes:
– in Chapter notes;
– in subheading notes;
– to descriptions of goods in preambles to tariffs;
– to descriptions of goods in headings;
– and other aspects of the tariff.

Part 4:
Outlines three (3) amendments to the English version of the List of Tariff Provisions.

Part 5:
Outlines twenty-three (23) amendments to the French version of the List of Tariff Provisions.

Part 6:
Outlines seventy-seven (77) new additions to the List of Tariff Provisions which impacts 27 Chapters and 77 tariff headings.

Part 7:
Lists Intermediate and Final Rates for tariff items of the “F” Staging Category of both the Canada- Korea and Canada- Honduras Free Trade Agreements.

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