Could President-elect Trump withdraw from NAFTA?

 US President-elect Donald Trump is preparing to completely overhaul US trade policy.  During his campaign, he called the North American Free Trade Agreement (“NAFTA”) “the worst trade deal in history”.  He plans to study the process and consequences of a potential NAFTA withdrawal.  The US Trade Representative could then notify Canada and Mexico that the US proposes to make changes to NAFTA.  By the 200th day of his office President-elect Trump could consider withdrawing from NAFTA.  Representatives of Canada and Mexico are preparing for dialogue.

Join Daniel Kiselbach, Partner, Deloitte Tax Law LLP to discuss the NAFTA withdrawal mechanisms and potential next steps including:

  • Article 2205 of NAFTA (which allows any member to withdraw after providing six months’ written notice to the other parties).
  • The effect of withdrawal on the existing provisions of the North American Free Trade Agreement Implementation Act. 
  • The potential impact of Trump Transition Team’s trade policy such as:
      • putting the interests of US workers and companies first;
      • increased tariffs on goods exported to the US;
      • strengthening Buy America Act provisions;
      • scrapping NAFTA investor-state dispute resolution mechanisms; and
      • including other trade issues in NAFTA talks (e.g., softwood lumber tariffs and US country of origin labeling (“COOL”) rules).

    February 10, 2017 1:00pm – 2:30 pm EST
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